Juicer 1000 Watt [2018 Upgrade] Aicok Wide Mouth 76MM Juice Extractor Centrifugal Juicer Machine Whole Fruit and Vegetable Juicer with Juice Jug and Cleaning Brush,Anti-drip Function


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2018 updated juicer 1000W 
Powerful and Efficient Whole Fruit Juicer
The 1000W powerful vegetable and fruit juicer provides a simple way to get more nutrients you need every day. The fast, powerful blade system does all the healthy or organic type juices.

800W Two-Speed Motor
“I” Low speed: 12000rpm-14000rpm, works with softer or riper produce, such as oranges, grapes, melons, peaches, kiwi, tomatoes, cabbage, cucumber.
“II” High speed: 16000rpm-18000rpm, better for harder produce like spinach, celery, apples, beets, ginger and so on.

Extra-Wide Funnel
The 76mm funnel is wide enough for apple, oranges, carrots, lemons and cucumber etc. Fruits and vegetables will fit down the hopper, and not get stuck, because the hopper is large. As for sizes of fruit and vegetables, in width can be 76mm, and in depth can be 45mm. It also include large-capacity juice container(1.1L) and pulp collector(2L).

Turn the machine on and using the push rod slowly push ingredients in to the hopper and fresh juice should start coming out.
We had better add small pieces of fruit/vegetable into funnel. The juicer will extract more enough juice.

☞Please note:
● Remember for your safety the machine will not start if the top cover is not firmly locked in place with the latch. At the beginning, assemble all the parts together making sure to insert the strainer and then lock the lid on with the safety latch.
● Do not leave the appliance running for more than 1 minute at a time. If the appliance has been running for more than 1 minute, leave it to cool down for 2 minutes before you use it again.
● Always place the appliance on a dry, level and firm surface, and well away from the edges.

Product information




  • EXTRA WIDE MOUTH JUICE EXTRACTOR-76MM wide Feeder Chute for juicing whole fruit no need chop up or slice; large-capacity juice container(1.1L) and pulp collector(2L); Anti-drip spout design; transparent cover to monitor the extracting process.
  • EFFICIENT JUICER MACHINE – 1000W motor with stainless steel blade and mesh filter basket, more efficient juicer to extract up to 20% more juice and 30% more vitamins and minerals; lower noise compared with other high speed centrifugal juicer.
  • DUAL SPEED CONTROL-You can choose the speed as you like, low speed(12000rpm-14000rpm) for softer fruits and vegetables; high speed (16000rpm-18000rpm) for harder fruits and vegetables.
  • EASY TO USE AND CLEAN UP – removable dishwasher safe parts makes for easy assembly, dismantle and cleaning. Attached cleaning brush for you in the package
  • SAFETY LOCK DEVICE – Safety locking arm prevent sharp blade basket from flying out during operation. No risk there. 2 years warranty. If you has any questions for this juicer and it is not suitable for you. Send 1 simple email to Clicking “Ask seller” and received a 100% money back.


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